The Future of AgriData

is green, digital and data - driven .

Find out how we do it.

The future of agriculture is digitalization and artificial intelligence.

We want to bring agricultural sector in Malaysia to the next level, and what better way to start it at home here in Borneo. Our aim is to open up pathways to farmers so they can see farming as a way to change their life, while feeding Malaysian with nutritious food. With proper quality control, distributor and supermarkets can be ensure that the produce their received is at a high standard.



Farmers, distributors and local retailers are the bedrock of the agricultural supply chain and yet they only receive 60% in value of Malaysia's RM100billion agriculture industry.

Price discovery and Marketing

Price discovery and Marketing

Farmers exposed to retailers exploitation due to lack of marketing opportunities Retailers lack price discovery and availability.

No single platform available to market, communicate, and transact to increase efficiency and productivity.

Price discovery and Marketing

Management of Orders and Sales

There are no proper records of transactions between retailers and farmers.

Process is time-consuming.

Produce Planning

Produce Planning

There’s an over supply of produce creates price and supply volatility to both farmers and retailers.

Food Security and Outbreak Response

Food Security and Outbreak Response

Lengthy process to investigate source of infection by health officials in the event of agriculture disease-related.

Halt marketing activities between farmers and retailers.


We aim to establish a good connection between farmers and retailers and to centralise data for the Agricultural Supply and Demand Chain, making the local industry be at its best.

Agri-Produce Marketplace

We are first and foremost a B2B platform connecting farmers to retailers:

Farmers create a virtual shop and display their available produce.

Retailers comb the marketplace, compare prices and availability, add them in shopping carts and pay in-app.

Purchase/Sales/Order Management

Farmers and retailers can track pending orders and transaction histories transacted on AgriData all in one place.

Big Data Analysis

As the volume of transaction increases, AgriData will be able to train our Machine Learning models to predict the periodic changes in demand for different produce and advise farmers regarding what to plant and when.

We believe this will be a game-changer in the Agri-industry as it will help stabilise prices and supply, creating a suitable climate for growth on both the producer and retailer ends.

The future is data-driven and that is well-reflected in our naming choice.

Transparency and Traceability

By streamlining the buy and sell process, consumers and health officials will be able to track the source and history of the produces sold. This creates transparency and traceability which is paramount when responding to agricultural disease related outbreaks.