Impacting On

Market Stability
Agricultural Innovation and Adaptation
Food Resilience
Farm Productivity
Livelihood and Income
Food Security

We’re on a mission to uplift farmers, enhance Malaysia's food stability and be able to feed the community healthily and sustainably.

How It Started

AgriData emerged from all the founders' personal journeys as farmers, witnessing the hardships endured by smallholder farmers. Fueled by empathy and a deep desire for change, this led us to participate in MyHackathon 2020, where we had the opportunity to share our vision for AgriData.

Winning the competition validated our mission, igniting our determination to make a real impact. With a team of passionate individuals and the support of driven start-up enabler agencies, we dedicated ourselves to developing AgriData Portal. Our driving force was a belief in the transformative power of knowledge and technology, which we saw as the key to bringing about positive change in the agricultural sector.

How It's Going

We have evolved into a comprehensive platform — a one-stop hub for farmers; providing financial accessibility, market accessibility making farms into successful businesses. We launched a bookkeeping app that simplifies financial management, enhances decision-making, and supports the business growth of farmers and even SMEs.

While working closely with Sabah Credit Corporation and now, Funding Societies Malaysia for financing, we also empower these humble heroes with valuable insights and expert guidance together with industry stakeholders to create a sustainable agricultural ecosystem and resilient food system that benefits the producers and the world they are nourishing.

Our Vision

Together for the journey

With innovation at our core, AgriData Portal is revolutionizing agriculture, creating a bright future for the farmers, consumers, and society in Malaysia while aiming to ignite a fire within the next generation, where they see agriculture as a powerful platform to make a tangible difference in feeding the world.

Our Leadership Team

Discover the People Who Make It Happen: Meet Our Team of Innovators!

  • Matthew Johnny Kulai

    Chief Executive Officer
    & Co-founder

  • Mohd Nazri Bin Mohammad Ali

    Head of Community
    & Co-founder

  • Najib Mohammad

    Head of Community
    & Co-founder

  • Natasha Granada

    Head of Product Development
    & Co-founder