The Problem

An inefficient supply chain

Farmers, distributors and local retailers are the bedrock of the agricultural supply chain and yet they only receive 60% in value of Malaysia's RM100billion agriculture industry.

Traditional middleman purchase produce from farmers at low prices, consolidate the orders and then sells them to distributors at way higher prices. Even though they provide the least value to the supply chain, they take huge margins.


The Solution

A B2B app platform connecting farmers to distributors

We aim to centralise data between of the supply and demand chain in the Agricultural sectors, making it easier for distributor and suppliers to locate and reserve the produce they want. By shortening the chain, we will be able to give the farmers the value they deserve. During the process, we will collect data regarding supply and demand and save it into our database, which we plan to share with the Ministry of Agriculture. With the data collected our app (using Ai technology) will be able to forecast future demand and help farmers decide what crops to plant and prevent over supply in the market.


The Vision

What we envision the future to be

We want to bring agricultural sector in Malaysia to the next level, and what better way to start it at home here in Borneo. Our aim is to open up pathways to farmers so they can see farming as a way to change their life, while feeding Malaysian with nutritious food. With proper quality control, distributor and supermarkets can be ensure that the produce their received is at a high standard.


AgriData App Features

Our key features allow us to achieve our vision

Customised User Dashboard

The app is not exclusive to just farmers and distributors but also available consumers and local retailers to find out more about their produce's travel history.

Produce Marketplace

This is the key feature of our app, which connect distributors to the farmer's produce. Partnering together with government or private one-stop centers, this functions as our USP.

Data Analytics

Our process enables us to log vast amounts of data regarding agriculture demand and supply, allowing us to give the ministry a more accurate reading of the data and also enabling our AI to advice our farmers on crop production.

Connect With Us

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